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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why is this so hard?

Okay, so I'm gonna vent a little.  This is only marginally related to ecothriftiness, but whatever.

So, I agreed to buy Jack's presents from my mom, her boyfriend, and my sister partly because I wanted to make sure it was safe and partly because I didn't want a bunch of crap in the house that we didn't need.  My mother informed me that it was really important for her boyfriend to buy him something expensive that was "really special" days after I agreed.  No pressure right?

So, I get a friend to babysit and Mark and I head out to shop.  We tried to shop at the specialty store, but that wasn't as easy as we thought (see post below).  So, we head out to Toys R Us.  After wondering around the store, we finally made a decision.  Mom's boyfriend can buy him a "big boy" toddler bed and the bedding.  Mom can buy him additional train set pieces for the train he got for his birthday.  Sounds easy.

Well, not so fast.  Toys R Us is sold out of the green, orange, and yellow Elmo bed that matches his "Safari Green" room colors.  No one has the time to paint and redecorate at this point, right!?!  No prob, I think, I know that Elmo beds have to be popular, right?

WRONG.  Toys R Us has the Elmo bedroom in a box there, but it wasn't the same colors.  Strike One.  I go to Walmart.  Strike Two.  Don't carry Elmo beds.  I rush over to Target before they close.  Strike Three, don't carry Elmo.  Rush over to the 24hr Kmart running on adrenaline and disbelief.  Strike Four, don't carry Elmo.  I swear to God that I couldn't have tripped and fallen and not landed on a freaking Elmo bed last year.  Now?  Only Toys R Us carries them and they are sold out.  CRAP.  At this point I couldn't care less if it was Elmo or Jeffrey Dahmer as long as it matches his room and I don't have to repaint.  Backyardigans?  Purple.  Pixar Cars?  Red and Black.  Dora?  Girly.  Princess?  Come on!

So, I head home and hit the computer close to midnight.  I find a Thomas the train bed for TWO HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS.  I email the lady and she refuses to budge.  Okay, I think, I can always repaint later.  I talk to my mother and she agrees to keep a look out for the Elmo bed.  After all, I went ahead and bought the bedding and washed it having total confidence that the Elmo bed crisis was imaginary.

She finds one. We're set.  EXCEPT when I mention to Jack that Santa might bring him a big boy bed for Christmas (to psych him up before the change), he gets excited and exclaims, "Train Bed!"  

Are you freaking kidding me?  No, I say, maybe something else?  He's adamant.  Train bed.  Too bad, I think, you're only two.  But now I'm worried my mom's boyfriend will be crushed if Jack sees the Elmo bed and pitches a fit.

So after long deliberations between all parties, we've decided to keep the FREAKING Elmo bed.  He'll get over it or he won't, haha!

So on the very cool train loop-de-loop I bought from my mother.  It very easy knocked over.  Too mature for his motor skills.  AND, It doesn't fit on our table.  Train table?  Once again, not at Walmart, Target, K-Mart, and we can't afford the one on Toys R Us.  CraigsList?  Sorry, sold.  Here we go again.  So that goes back to the store and my mother is totally on her own.  

Why is this so freaking hard!?!  How can spending $225 dollars on a kid at Christmas be THIS FREAKING DIFFICULT!  Argh!

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