I've decided to expand this blog to include some personal posts.  Not every post will focus on ecothriftiness, but I'll try to keep any new info I learn circulating through this blog.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Card Recycle Idea

I got this idea from my Mom's Club pal, Allison:
Hey ladies, I thought I would share with you what my step-mom-in-law does to help recycle. When she receives her Christmas cards she cuts the design off the front of the card, punches a hole in it and uses that as her gift tags for her Christmas gifts the next year. I also have seen that some people cut the front cover off, sign it and use it for a Christmas card the next year....sort of like a postcard in an envelope. It's an additional fun way to look at your cards when you get them....aside from the warm greetings being sent to you by your friends.

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