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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Plan Toys Response to Lead Questions

Today I received this response from Plan Toys in regards to the HealthyToys.org report that there is high levels of lead in the farmer and his wife dolls.

Hello Hannah,


All of our toys have been tested and have passed all USA and European standards. The US standard for lead content is 600ppm (parts per million) or less. The European standard is 300ppm or less. All of our toys have been tested under these standards and have passed with flying colors. I have attached the copy of our test report.

Now www.healthytoys.org used a different test method to test our products and obviously came out with different results. Therefore, our team in Thailand is re-testing all of our product as well as looking into XRF test method that the healthytoys website used.

If in fact our test results come back and any of our toys do not pass the European standard at the least, they will no long be shipped.

Our company is based around safe green products for our children and never would we knowingly go against our word. Quality and safety are of the most importance to us.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally. Thank you so much for being a valued PlanToys customer. Have a wonderful day.



-Alyse McIntosh

Customer Service

PlanToys Inc.

Tel: 650-968-4783

Fax: 650-968-4947


PlanToys made with sensitivity toward our environment.

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