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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is it guilt?

So many of my friends and family have replied saying that they are too wasteful and feel guilty, but don't have the motivation to change to a greener lifestyle.

I wanted to comment about this.  I try to be green for several reasons, and none of them are guilt.

Here are my top reasons for being green.  Please leave comments with your reasons!
1-   Its a challenge that I can't fail!  No matter how many un-green things I do, each thing that I can do is a success!  That makes me feel very proud!  
2-  I learn so much about new, cool, innovative services and products
3-  I want my son to have a good, clean world to live in.  I don't want him or his children to feel resentful of our greed and sense of entitlement.
4-  It makes me feel like I'm making the world a better place.  I had a hard time finding fulfillment going from a social worker to a SAHM.  Being green lets me utilize that social worker urge to help out the world!
5-  I don't like the way the rest of the world sees us Americans.  I want the world to see us as a more caring, less spoiled society.
6-  I have an OCD-inspired desire to pack rat away anything and everything I can use later.  Reusing and recycling fits into that perfectly!

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Rufus said...

Yeah, we need to do everything we can, because there is only a finite amount of land and every piece of plastic trash we deposit into the ground will remain there forever. It is also nice to know that we are trying to minimize our impact on the planet so our grandchildren won't grow up in a trash pit. Every little bit helps, so do what you can.