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Friday, July 11, 2008

G Diapers

I love the G diapers!  BTW, they are certified as "Cradle to Cradle." (The g diapers site says that this means that everything in the FLUSHABLE liners "gets re-absorbed back into the eco-system in a neutral or beneficial way."

They are a cloth outer cover with a breathable water proof inner liner that snaps in.  The product comes with (and they sell additional) plastic free pads that lay in the inner liner.  The pads can be composted, FLUSHED, or thrown away.  They will only take 90 days to biodegrade.  However, I have found that it is just as easy to put a prefold diaper into the inner liner.  That way, I can save the FLUSHABLE pads for going out on the town.  No soiled cloth diaper to carry around during shopping expeditions!  Plus, the pad seems much more absorbent and less bulky than prefolded cloth.

I love that the inner liner is the water-proof.  It seems to make the product much more leak-proof.  Plus, you are MUCH less likely to get the outer cloth pant soiled.  The inner liner is flexy but conforms to the baby's bottom much more than a prefold put inside of a traditional cover will.  Therefore, you're not gonna get as much bunching.  I found that it is much more likely your child will get poop on the Bummis or Thirsties diaper cover with a prefold than to get poop on the cloth outer pant of the g diapers.

Each cloth pant comes with 2 inner liners so that if they get soiled, you can change it out.  Plus, the velcro tabs are positioned so that they latch towards the back to keep away prying fingers.  (I however, haven't found this to make a huge difference.)

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