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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Most Brilliant Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Game

I emailed my blog group asking them for their best ideas.  I put the list on the side bar for a while, but I am removing it as I now have a new email game going!  
Enjoy these answers!

 RebW: (pr) "I don't pick up after my dogs with the plastic bags that are at all doggie stations.  I leave it on the ground so that that little area of land, will be fertilized and fed."  Can't you hear the sarcasm?

Mom 2 3: She made the kids a bug house by re-using a butter tub. She poked holes in the top, cut a square section out of the side for a viewing window and then taped clear plastic film on the inside. Can be recycled, and keeps tupperware clean and in the kitchen where it belongs!!!

S Panda: She goes thru her little girls old clothes to see if old pants can be capris or dresses can be swing-tops. Best of all: She works from home via the internet!

J Schaef: She only runs the self-cleaning function of the oven during the winter to save on AC, and she unplugs appliances and chargers when not in use (good one!).

Jacob's Mom2B: Household game to save money by clipping coupons so it's easier to afford organic. Instead of plastic baggies, and to save on saran wrap and foil, they use the washable canisters with lids.

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