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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Diapers continued!

Okay, so I promised you guys the diaper review, and I must admit that I've put it off!  I'm going to wait on the G diapers ('cause they are awesome and need full attention).

Here is my review of  the "pocket" diapers (I have one Haute and one Happy Heiny):
Basically, they suck.  Don't waste your money.  However, let's start with the pros:
1-  They seemingly need no expertise and very little work.  You use them just like a disposable diaper, but they get washed. (Watch the word "seemingly" and see the cons.)
2-  They are very soft against baby's bum.  Ah, wicking fleece!
3-  The one size part is practical if you want to invest in one set of diapers and keep them from newborn to potty training.  However, other kinds also come as one-size.
4-  These dry much faster than some kinds of all-in-ones as the inserts are loose in the dryer.
5-  If your child falls on his butt, he is well padded.

Sorry, that's all I could think of.  Here are the cons:
1-  They are expensive.
2-  Any time you change your child, you must wash the whole damn thing.  And carry the soiled one around if you are out and about.  And carry extra whole clean ones around.  Believe me, these things are bulky in the purse!  Unlike diaper covers and prefolds, you can't just change one part.  If its wet, the whole damn thing is wet.  So, you basically have to buy a several hundred dollars worth or wash AT LEAST once a day.  Remember!  They aren't as absorbent as disposables, so you can't just be lazy and let them pee and pee and pee . . .
3-  I started Jack at around 18 months.  Already, he needed BOTH inserts in the pocket.  I couldn't stand watching him waddling around like a constipated duck.
4-  They are SEEMINGLY easy.  However, trying to get both of those inserts into the pocket (the fabric of the inserts has that "grippiness" to keep them from sliding) without it bunching always takes me a couple of tries.  My husband won't even try since his first experience.
5-  NEVER ONCE, NOT ONE TIME have I used the Happy Heiny when it didn't IMMEDIATELY LEAK.  I contacted Sunny, and she said to make sure the fleece was rolled out at the leg holes.  Check.  Then she contacted the dealer, and they suggested drying on high heat to seal it. Check.  Finally we decided that his urine stream must just be too forceful.  Great.  Now I have a $20 diaper that leaks the first time he pees.  I even stripped them to see if they were perhaps repellent from manufacturing chemicals.  Nope.
(As a note:  I've not had that trouble with the Haute diapers.  However, they are made to be "breathable" and naturally more prone to leaking.  I knew that before going in -- and they are still more reliable than the HH.)

So, there you go.  They may be cute, but pretty worthless in my opinion!  Sorry HH and Haute.  I'm sure your other products are awesome!!!

BTW, the pics of the Haute diapers are mine.  The Happy Heiny diaper pic is from the website.  I have this exact one except in green.

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