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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brew your own Hydrogen?

My father sent me this link to a BBC News article about cars that run on home made hydrogen.

Why this is awesome (And the questions that it brings):
1-  Oh My God, let's put the East TN meth labbers to work!  If they can turn lye, battery acid, and sulfur into a drug, why aren't we utilizing this naturally renewable resource (the tweekers, that is) to produce hydrogen at home?
2-  What the hell kinda plastic can split molecules?  Who thought up that?  I've got a couple hundred pounds of Step2 play equipment in our backyard, and I never thought to myself, "Hey, I wonder if I could split molecules with this?"
3-  Is the plastic magic molecule breaker made from "petrol?"  It'd better be ethanol-based!
4-  Do I really want my crackhead neighbors making hydrogen in the apartment next to mine?  Whose chore would that be?  I mean, the husband is supposed to do the car maintenance, but imagine if you had to nag him to make the hydrogen!  You'd never get anywhere!    (Yes, I am being very sexist for this joke)
5-  How would the rich get richer if we were all able to make our own fuel?  Then they wouldn't need wars to steal oil, and then other rich people wouldn't get any money from our Middle East wars!  Oh my god!  Somebody save the rich!

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