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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Chat about Reuse

One of my favorite ways to reuse is to shop at thrift (wink, wink) and consignment stores.  Another great place to find "gently used" items is Craig's List.  I've had great success with both buying and selling on CL.

Today I got two awesome purchases at the Goodwill Store.  I found a kid's size camping chair (the fabric just needs a quick wash) for 50 cents!  I had almost bought a new one at the store I left just before I walked into GW for almost $8.  The fabric on the old chair is a little worn, but very sturdy quality.  It also came with the safety latch.  Awesome!

I also found a Snugli "Early Care" baby sling.  I had attempted to sew one myself when my son was an infant, but the hours I spent slaving over my old ancient sewing machine was all for naught.  I had bought the wrong type of fabric on the clearance rack.  No matter how much I tightened it, it kept stretching!  This is a really great one with lots of padding and safety features, and I got it for $4.  Even if the fabric doesn't come clean, I'll be able to take it apart and resew it using the parts (and the right kind of fabric, of course)! 

Yeah!  Both Earth Friendly and Thrifty.

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