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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cloth Diaper Reviews so Far

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I bought several different types and brands of cloth diapers and diaper covers.  I plan to review each brand one at a time.  Today, I'll talk about diaper prefolds and diaper covers.  Pictured here are the Bummis Whisper Wraps with a "Diaper Service" quality cloth diaper.

Diaper prefolds are so easy.  The definition on the Cutie Tooties website is ". . . a cloth diaper that has been folded for the greatest thickness & absorbency in the center, where baby needs it most.  The diaper folds are sewn into place with 6-8 layers in the center of the diaper, and 2-4 layers on the outer edges."  It is very recommended to buy the "Diaper Service Quality" prefolds, and for good reason.  Most prefolds you'd find at Wal-mart, etc., are only 1/2 to 1/4 of the absorbency.  That means you'll need to change much more frequently or add bulkiness with several diapers at once.  It's never fun to see your toddler waddle with a crotch full of wet cloth.  
Conventionally, you'd fold the diaper around the baby and secure it with pins or clips.  No more, fellow eco-thrifts!  Now it is so easy.  You just fold the two outer sections over the third to make a long pad, and insert it into the diaper cover.  The pics attached show you how you'd fold the diaper and insert it into the diaper cover.

These "fancier" diaper covers are much better than the vinyl pants you'd find at a big box retailer.  First of all, they aren't made of plastic, and they aren't nearly as hot.  Secondly, they are made of a more breathable fabric that is just as water proof as any vinyl pant.  They aren't as stiff and "crunchy," and they Velcro around your baby like a disposable diaper.  

The best parts of a prefold/diaper cover combo is the lower cost and the reduced laundry.  Many of the pocket diapers or all-in-ones run you about $20 a piece.  You can buy a pack of prefolds any where from 6 for $10 to 12 for $30 (fancy unbleached).  Pre-folds also come in uber-soft hemp, but you'll pay for the eco-friendly, ultra absorbent, ultra hypoallergenic, and ultra cushy material.  The diaper covers run you from $11 a piece (no frills) to about a max of $15 for the cool designs.  Plus, when you child needs a change, no need to wash the whole thing.  Just pull the wet prefold out and tuck in a dry one.  The covers don't need a  wash until they are soiled or begin to smell like urine (mine last most of the day).

Anyway, any question?  Let me know, and I'll be happy to do research or call Sunny.  

Next post?  gDiapers with the flushable inserts.  Yeah!

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