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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day Celebration

Jack and I celebrated Earth Day in style!  Here is a list of things we did!
1- We attended the opening of a new store, Nature Kids Mercantile
2- We added veggie leftovers to our vermicompost box
3- We shared an organic smoothie (Yes, shared.  They were $3 a bottle!), and got a free lightbulb (see below)
4- We hung our laundry out to dry on the patio
5- We bought a new reusable shopping bag, and got another free compact florescent lightbulb (Yes, you got one free when you checked out, so we checked out twice!)
6- Instead of ordering pizza, we bought an organic pizza on sale at the store for the same price
7- We opened the windows in the car to feel the breeze instead of running the AC
8- We didn't shower to save one days worth of water (haha!)
9- We played with the toys in the store, but didn't buy them (Hello!  Reuse!)
10- Instead of buying those cool looking Earth Day T-Shirts every retailer was selling, I wore a T-shirt from college, and Jack wore a hand-me down shirt and pants we purchased at the consignment shop last season (I took some of his bigger pants from winter, and cut them off and hemmed them into shorts! Reuse!!)
11- For a treat we bought 2 organic lollipops (cheap, cheap!)
12- We opened the house windows when we returned to use the natural breeze
13- We read books instead of watching TV (Educational and uses less energy!)

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