I've decided to expand this blog to include some personal posts.  Not every post will focus on ecothriftiness, but I'll try to keep any new info I learn circulating through this blog.

Monday, June 8, 2009


My various attempts at composting have not gone well.  I really want to start a compost bin that will not be a possum magnet, won't give the dog something to roll in, and won't make my husband throw up when he has to bring food to it.  Any ideas?

On a happy note, my garden is, so far, 100% organic.  No pesticides or herbicides used.
I used old curtains to keep the weeds down between the rows.  The weeds were getting totally out of control as this is the first time we've tilled this part of the yard.  Wish us continued luck!


jennyb said...

check this video out...to me it is perfect for the suburbian composter

Laura said...

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Anonymous said...

The Tractor Supply has a composter for $130-160 that will keep it contand and rotated because it shouldn't smell if it does it not composting its roting to very different things

Green guide tips said...

I have an idea about keeping the weeds down. My mom puts down newspaper in the spring and wets it then puts the dirt on top, it keep the weeds down well. I don't know if that will effect the "organic" part of the garden.

Keep on trying you will figure out the right mix between compost and weeds and fertilizer.