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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Earth Day Party

Between several crises, my trip out of town the weekend before, a migraine, and sheer procrastination, my toddler Earth Day Party was only a small success. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day & the kids were able to spread out and play!

I fed everyone organic snacks, but since I'd had a migraine the day before, I had to go to Earthfare. I spent close to $50!!!!! Yikes. Next time I'll try to shop around.

For one activity, I had kids glue dandilions (we had quite a crop to choose from), sand, and various weeds onto recycled newspaper as an art collage.

For another, I let the kids plant carrot seeds in Yoplait yogurt cups. I washed the cups, drilled drain holes in the bottom, and let the kids put in the potting soil and seeds. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any organic potting soil at Earthfare in my hurry, so it was a fertilizer based soil. However, the yoplait cups worked great. Being slightly bigger at the bottom, they kept the kids from spilling!

I also found some great reusable picnic plates made from recycled plastic, and little trays made from fallen palm leaves. However, I will say that I got several splinters from the leaf plates!

Next year, I'm going to focus on planning more ahead!

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