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Monday, April 6, 2009

Recycling?? Well, I try!

We live about a mile from the city limit, which means that the city doesn't pick up our recycling.  The problem lies, not in the collecting of the recycling, but in the act of taking it to the center!

Well, last week I was babysitting my girlfriend's kids, and they were all playing in the sand and water table.  They began to fight over some of the containers.  I was so thankful (for once) that I had a garage full of bags of recycling!!!!  I pulled out a bunch of clean spice shakers, juice bottles, coffee containers, soap dispensers, etc.  They had more than plenty for all three to scoop, dump, sprinkle, and spray the water and sand!!!

One hint that I have:  Our sand and water table has two tubs.  Automatically, my son dumps the water into the sand side, and we have a big mushy mess.  It takes HOURS for the water to evaporate, if not days.  Last summer, I realized that the sand side needed to drain.  I took an old trouser sock of mine and looped it through one of the pug holes.  Now, that side can drain!  I place a bucket underneath the table to collect the water, and use it to water my plants.

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