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Thursday, March 5, 2009


So, I found out today online that marker plastic isn't recyclable.  Jack loves markers, and he can take off the caps like a champ.  However, even when he puts the cap back on, he doesn't push it hard enough to clamp it down.  So, we end up with a lot of dry markers even though I try to rustle through them when he's done.

I put a question on Yahoo Answers today, and I got a great idea.

What I did was take a medicine dropper and placed drops of a vinegar/water solution (that was recommended) onto the markers.  The cheapy markers have a bottom that will pop off, but I couldn't get the Crayola bottoms off no matter how hard I chewed.

I found that this worked fantastically.  The Crayola markers actually have a little groove that vents out air.  As you trickle water onto the marker pad, air bubbles escape.  This keeps them from spilling all over your hands, and having to wait a few seconds every time to let the liquid soak in!

I am pretty sure I've at least heard of ink refills for markers.  I'm definately going to have to look into that!  No matter how much water you put in, a marker drained of all ink is going to leave no mark!

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Layla said...

My Grandma did something like this, only with 'just water'! :)

Eventually they did become 'watery', it took quite a while though!

(she later reused them as 'plant support' - not sure how eco this is though, as any iffy chemicals might leach into flower pots? (Not to use with food, of course!)

Have you found out anything about refills/inks for markers? (Maybe even DVD markers? These seem hardest to give up in our house!)
Do tell!! (I've heard they exist but are somewhat mythical, like Bigfoot?? - at least can't seem to be found locally, so maybe online?)