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Monday, February 2, 2009

Please be aware of this story!

This doesn't have anything to do with being green or thrifty, but it pulled on my heartstrings and I wanted to share it. 

Here is the link to the website, www.bringseanhome.org

Here is the letter I sent to the State Department:
To Whom it May Concern at the US State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs, and Office of Children’s Issues:

It is my understanding that Sean Goldman was abducted by his mother and held in Brazil without contact with his father, David Goldman, for 4 years.  It is my understanding that she is now deceased, and that he continues to be held by his stepfather.  It is my understanding that Sean Goldman was born on American soil, and therefore, is a US citizen.  Why has your office not put your full power behind bringing home a kidnapped American citizen?  If the courts of Brazil are intimidated by the stepfather of this child, then they might too sway at the influence of the US government.  I am both appalled and ashamed that your office has not ensured that this child will be returned to his biological father.

I am horrified that his man has spent over $300,000 on legal aid to again and again be turned away by the Brazilian courts.  It should not be solely his responsibility to bring this child home.  No American citizen should have to bankrupt himself to fight a foreign government that is refusing to follow the treaty upon which they have agreed.

If we cannot expect our government to help return kidnapped citizens to our soil (and this child's Brazilian home is certainly a matter of public record), then what is the intended purpose of your department?

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