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Monday, August 11, 2008

I need this!

Okay, so I went shopping for my birthday and left my reusable bags in the car time and time again.  So, I am walking to and from my car with my purchases in my arms -- or worse yet -- in a horrible plastic bag.

Why do I keep forgetting them, I lament!?!

Well, here are a few reasons:
1-  I am always in a hurry because its either past nap time, past dinner time, just about nap time, Jack's tired of shopping, I'm on the phone with a friend I've not seen since I've moved, Mark's called for the 4,000 time today and I've not yet had a chance to call him back so he thinks we've been kidnapped by the hillbilly mafia or something, I just gotta stop in to one more place before I go home . . .
2-  I have to carry my purse (with diapers, wipes, pacifier, extra change of clothes, wallet, cell phone, hand sanitizer . . . )
3-  I'm also carrying Jack.
4-  OMG, where are my keys to lock the car?!  I just had them!  Hitch Jack on hip, try to check both pockets with one hand, dig around in purse without success, put purse on  hood of car, start unloading it, realize Jack is setting off car alarm -- oh yeah, I handed him my keys.
5-  I'm also carrying my drink, and probably Jack's as well.
6-  I'm trying to remember where I put the list.  Resume search of pockets and purse with one hand.  Repeat steps #1-5 of #4.  Oh yeah, its on the table back home.  Crap!  What was I coming here for anyway!?!

The solution?  The new green shopper.  Its a full-sized reusable shopping bag that folds into a tiny weeny bag that fits into my pocket - - or god forbid -- my black hole of a purse.

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Janice Guazzo said...

LOL, I usually park next to the buggy/cart return. This way I load all my crap in the cart before I get Jeff out of the carseat. It does help a bit unloading as well being right next to it.